You can also cook on a kitchen plate like a real chef

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The necessary crunching of the meat, the noise of the dishes, the rapid movement of the shoulder at the right moment … All this requires a container that can easily withstand extreme conditions.

Using the dishes you believe in is one of the secrets of successfully prepared dishes

Tefal introduces the new generation of containers, which combine three innovative technologies and thus ensure perfect results with every use. S frying pan Tefal you will discover that any cooking moment can be a real success.

The dish contains a new one Thermo-signal indicator ™, which takes on a dark red color when it’s time to cook. It is made of lining, six times more resistant to scratches IN completely harmless to health. Improved induction Thermo-Fusion ™ + technology however, it ensures better heat distribution throughout the pan for quick and even cooking.

It is a Tefal coating resistant to adhesion and made from safe materials that have been approved in contact with food. S Tefalom you can cook with your eyes closed!

I forgive you

I forgive you

Want a juicy and fragrant steak with a golden brown crust?

Whether you have beef steak in natural sauce, chicken or Viennese, you definitely want to be able to prepare a steak of the same quality at home as from a restaurant. If you stick to a few simple tricks, you will get very close.

The first rule is to ensure an even thickness of meat throughout the length, thus not allowing the thinnest part of the meat to dry out and the thicker part to remain uncooked. This is achieved by placing the meat between two pieces of wrapping and beating it with a kitchen hammer to the desired thickness. In doing so, focus especially on the connective tissue that separates the various parts of the flesh. In a large enough pan to place all the spicy pieces of meat without overlapping, heat the oil or butter before placing it in it.

I forgive you

Allow the steak to stand at room temperature

Let the steak stand at room temperature for half an hour before placing it in the pan. Otherwise, when the steak is cold and we place it in a hot pan, it will become firm and chewy. However, if the meat is heated to room temperature, the cooking will be uniform and will prevent moisture loss. Fortunately, 30 minutes is short enough that we do not have to worry about food safety. Arrange the steak with salt and pepper on both sides to emphasize the taste of the meat.

Too often the steak moves through the pan causing the loss of valuable meat juices

Turning the steak too often and a few times will prevent complete redness. If you try to freeze the steak and notice that it is stuck to the pan, let it cook a little longer. The steak is easily released from the pan when it is evenly browned on one side.

Using the marinade will make it easier for you to prepare the meat

You can marinate the steaks as you wish, which will provide moisture and soften the meat during cooking. Marinade is a mixture of water, oil, spices, seasonings and wine, vinegar, lemon juice or lemon. Improves the taste of meat and prolongs its consistency. Marinate the meat for an hour on the kitchen counter for a few days in the fridge, turning it several times in between to evenly moisten. Beat it lightly before baking to preserve its liquidity. Do not use the marinade during baking, as it is not safe – you can set it aside a bit if it has not come in contact with raw meat.

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Turn the beef steak into a dish that melts in your mouth

If you want a roast beef with caramelized crust and internal juice, fry in a hot pan to create an evenly fried outer part on each side.

Using a hot pan is the key to uniform baking. When your pan heats up, add two tablespoons of oil and then the spicy steak in the center of the pan. Bake until one side is browned. Then turn on the other side and fry on the other side. Adjust the baking time according to how well you cooked the steak from the inside.

Coating the steak with melted butter and herbs like garlic, rosemary and thyme will add flavor and aroma to an unsurpassed improvement. Do this before the end of baking in the casserole. Once you have finished baking, take the steak out of the pan, place it on a plate and cover and let it stand for five minutes before you cut it. This will retain fluids and moisture.

In the video, watch how Bine Volčič prepares ribeye steak in a Tefal container of the line LIMITED.

Even with “classic” beef steaks, the above tips of culinary masters should be followed, so as not to end up with an impenetrable piece of meat on the plate. Be sure to beat the steak before adding it to the pan to soften it and give it an even thickness. Then bake at a higher temperature until well browned on both sides. Reduce heat to medium-low and continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until steak reaches desired level of readiness. Finally, add spicy butter to improve the taste and aroma.

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Chicken breasts that come out perfect every time

Chicken breasts are an irreplaceable dish in any kitchen, as they are considered simple and quick to prepare and at the same time convince the chosen taste. You can choose from countless recipes. But during baking you should still be a little careful not to end up with strong, dry chicken breasts that no amount of sauce can fix.

Bake the chicken for a few minutes on each side. Although you may be tempted to raise the temperature, especially if you are really hungry, leave the chili at a medium temperature, as the heat increase can cause the outside of the chicken to brown very quickly and the inside to remain raw.

Mediterranean recipe for chicken

Even though we have already entered autumn, we are still warmed by the warm rays of summer here and there. Since this summer was served with a rich selection of vegetables from the garden, which many have still left in the pantry or refrigerator, this time we present you a recipe for preparing chicken breast with juicy vegetables that will bring to the table your memories of last summer.


pan, vegetables, cooking, meat

Photo: Getty Images

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
a pinch of pepper
2 teaspoons spices to taste (eg basil, parsley, thyme)
2 kilograms of boneless chicken breast and skin cut into strips
2 medium hokkaido zucchini, cut into strips
2 medium green squash, cut into rings
1 medium carrot, cut into slices
1 cup cherry tomatoes


Combine oil, vinegar, pepper and spices in a bowl. Pour half of the marinade into a separate bowl and add the chicken. Cover the container and place in the refrigerator overnight. Put the remaining marinade in the cold.

Heat the pan, drain the chicken (toss the marinade) and add the vegetables and toss the other half of the marinade. Cook covered over medium heat until chicken is tender. Serve with rice or another dish of your choice.

Pork – not necessarily lean and dry

The use of pork is popular in farm kitchens because it is versatile, has a variety of cuts, greasy and lean, and goes along with countless flavors.

For not very experienced cooks, preparing pork can also be a challenge, as it often turns out to be very dry and tough. This happens in cases where we want to prepare a pork steak in the same way as we would prepare a chicken. To ensure that you do not have a lean pork fillet, you need to pay attention to the cooking time and temperature. Because this type of meat has more fat, it is more difficult to overcook or “dry out” too much. On the other hand, pork can quickly change from fully cooked to very hard to chew, so it certainly is not the type of meat you put in a pan and “forget”.

Viennese pork recipe

We all know “schnitzel” – a dish that is a classic kind of family Sunday lunch. See how to prepare this divine blend of tender meat, crunchy crumbs and satisfying fat below.


Wiener Schnitzel

Photo: Getty Images

1/4 cup flour
2 teaspoons coarse salt
2 large eggs
2 cups fresh bread
4 pork fillets


Mix the flour with a tablespoon of salt, in a second bowl lightly beat the eggs, in the third mix the bread crumbs and the remaining tablespoon of salt. The pork steak, previously beaten thinly with a kitchen hammer, is first rolled in flour, then dipped in eggs and made to be completely dyed, then rolled into bread crumbs.

Then heat the oil over medium heat and fry the steaks one after the other on both sides until golden brown, about three minutes on each side. Finally, let it fry for another 1 to 2 minutes, monitoring the oil temperature, which should be constant at all times to prevent oil from penetrating the meat. Serve with a slice of lemon. Have a nice day!

Tefal container gives perfect results and is completely safe for health. In it, the dishes get the right texture, seductive aroma and superior taste.


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