Weekly menu: delicious, simple, varied

A soothing decoction awaits you, which always makes everyone happy, a divine omelette with potatoes, with which we want only a bowl of salad and fun pancakes – these are the best with sugar, ground hazelnuts and cocoa. At the end of the week there is a simple toping, in which we consume what is hidden in the fridge, and the best pasta and cheese.

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Monday: Vegetable soup with large spoons

We cooked this soup for the first time as a summer farewell, but the ingredients we used are available all year round. Use homemade puree instead of roasted tomatoes.

Tuesday: Potato omelette

In this dish, you can use the remaining ingredients that accumulate in your refrigerator. Practical solution, satisfactory result.

Wednesday: Spiral pancakes

For that day when we want a sweet lunch. Sprinkle the baked pancakes with sugar and ground nuts and roll them or fold them into a triangle. It can also be served with sweet cream.

Thursday: Get up with mortadella, eggs and cheese

Various fillings, sweet or salty, are really the simplest and at the same time delicious way to consume everything that can go out of use in the fridge.

Friday: Pasta and cheese according to the simplest recipe

Pasta with cheese or the famous Mac’n ‘cheese. A dish we all adore. This time with the addition of tomatoes and baked with all the charms of the oven. If you want to further enrich the dish, you can add sliced ​​bacon and a few slices of onion.

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