TOP 15 recipes with sauerkraut

In the summer we were looking for acid to refresh the body, and now to relax a bit after the rich holidays. Slovenians know very well how to use and consume sauerkraut, but if you run out of ideas, remember us. We’ve put together the dishes we love to cook and at the same time these are recipes you’ve clicked on massively over the past year.

Meatballs baked in sauerkraut sauce

Well, look at what is possible if we add a pinch of creativity. Pechenitsa in a new mask.

Kish with sauerkraut

Salted pie from the French Alps.

Sauerkraut pie: a divine wrapper for winter days

Even at the sight of this pleasure, our mouth sinks into our saliva.

Potatoes in zevnica: a meal that is a Slovenian superfood

A simple, quick and cheap dish from a healthy pot and suitable for everyone. It is gluten free, allergenic and can be eaten by vegetarians and vegans.

VIDEO: Salted piglets

Brilliant salty breads are a real joy for children and adults are also happy to spread them out. But they make both of them smile…

Szeged from the oven: the only recipe for this dish you need

The truth is this: none of us who have tested Szeged will ever work except in the oven. Szeged prepared in this way will taste fuller, really with less juices. But: even with less smell of sauerkraut. We are not among them, but many people are concerned, especially in small apartments. However, Szeged is definitely the royal dish of the coldest part of the year.

Szeged from the oven: the only recipe for this dish you need

Clean base: sauerkraut boiled with Carniolan sausage

Not long ago we looked for new and interesting recipes for boiled sauerkraut, but we saved what we think you will like most for the days when it will get very cold outside and they will sue us for such delicious dishes. Well, it could be a meal in itself. With good home-made bread next door.

Boiled sauerkraut

Herb soup

For detoxification, during fasts and after heavy celebrations.

Boiled sauerkraut

This familiar winter dish is prepared a little differently from all; we offer it with sliced ​​potatoes and roast.

Poor sauerkraut

Poor, but how delicious!

Halushki with mashed potatoes with sauerkraut

Haluške is a wonderful winter dish that nourishes and supplies you with probiotics from fermented cabbage and tempeh. Eating at home is definitely the best.

Gibanica Carniolan with sauerkraut

Practical leaflets with cabbage and sausages.

Peçenica with mate and sauerkraut

Good Slovenian home-made food.

Jota with sauerkraut and Carniolan sausage

There is no winter without this dish.

Vegetable puree and Szeged

Baby puree is also great for fun.

A great recipe for Szeged in a classic way

We have been preserving this fantastic recipe for a long time, which years ago was entrusted to us by Irena Bogataj from Fužine and Poljanska Dolina. Of all the decoctions, Irena prefers to prepare this cabbage dish with a spoon, as it is located in her house on the Lojz farm, where for almost a decade they have been cultivating and processing fruits and vegetables, especially sauerkraut and beetroot.

Hap pas hapi: sarma

That it will be really good, tasty and “healing” – step by step preparation.

Cover photo: Oksana Shyriaieva / Getty Images

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