This will make the fried chicken meat much softer

As you probably already know, at Open Kitchen we are always looking for new recipes as well as improvements to those we already know well. This time we came across an online trick that promises that fried chicken prepared this way will be softer and its crust even fresher. Can you imagine an even better combination? Maybe not, so we are sharing a recipe video below to help you achieve the promised effect.

We found the trick with the youtube user Dans la cuisine de sou. The Frenchwoman, who in her channel discovers recipes for more or less simple daily cooking, this time has prepared fried chicken thighs. But the latter she does not have bread in the usual way. Before soaking in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, the chicken was first cooked in a mixture of milk and water. This has made the meat extremely tender and we need less time to fry it later. She added spices to the baking of the bread for even more flavor, and the end result is delicious and extremely soft chicken thighs with a crunchy aromatic crust. You can see the preparation in the recipe below and we are adding it in writing.


– 8 chicken thighs
– 200 ml of milk
– 200 ml of water
– garlic cloves
– 100 g of flour
– 100 g bread crumbs
– Eggs
– salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, thyme, chili, dried parsley
– 500 ml oil for redness


1. Place the thighs in a pan and add milk and water. Add salt and pepper and a clove of garlic. Put on the stove and cover with a lid.

2. After twenty minutes turn the thighs and cook for another 20 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the egg, bread crumbs and flour. To the latter add spices.

3. Then the thighs boiled in milk are beaten as usual and fried in hot oil until the crust turns golden yellow.

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Photo: PhanuwatNandee / Getty Images

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