these dishes are the fear and trembling of the contestants

5. Chicken

Simple, you would say at first glance. But in many places it can get stuck: the chicken, by the way, gets too dry, and on the other hand, the contestants can be served very little roast. In this case, we know what’s next, and what we see is how angry Gordon Ramsay, accompanied by a curse or two, throws both – the plate and the chicken – into the basket.

There is no greater disappointment than dried chicken. (Photo: nerudol / Getty Images)

4. Eggs Benedict

What could go wrong with this dish? In fact: everything. Eggs can be boiled too much (or too little). Dutch sauce can be boiled, it can stay liquid or we can not taste it. Not to mention how we forget under pressure how to bake the accompanying bread and bacon until golden brown.

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3. Wellington

Even those competitors who master the preparation of meat to zero, tremble before this challenge. Because only when the judges cut it on the plate does it show how well the meat is cooked. Too much, too little, right? The moments when the tension in the studio increases are the moments when the competitor literally walks in front of the cameras.

We haven’t really addressed it in Open Kitchen either, but we’ve already prepared a vegan version. (Photo: bhofack2 / Getty Images)

2. Demanding dessert

For desserts, accuracy is important – whether it’s the seemingly simple tempering of chocolate, the baking of souffles, the making of foam or the creation of delightful pasta, which are by no means easy to bake. The category of sweets that the finalists of the Slovenian version of the show are quite afraid of, of course, also includes Karim Merdjadi’s final search recipes, which usually include several condensed pages.

Recipe: Step by step: macro (PHOTO)

1. Croqembuche

If we could discuss the four remaining challenges indefinitely, which is more challenging, there is no doubt about the first on the challenging throne: croqembuche is what instills the most fear in competitors. You know – it’s that donut pyramid of burnt dough, which we tie with caramel and fold into a tower. In Italy and France it is supposed to accompany different holidays, but in Slovenia, but also abroad, this is undoubtedly a challenge that MasterChef’s competitors are most afraid of.

At Open Kitchen, this challenge has not yet been met. (Photo: vm2002 / Getty Images)
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Cover photo: Anntua / Getty Images

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