The most popular recipes that marked the year 2021

We have said goodbye to another crown year and we want to finally see changes for the better in 2022. But let’s get back to cooking. The last 365 days are also marked by home cooking, though not as pronounced as a year ago. We understand: after the days when our movement was limited, you all wanted more physical activity, gardening and nature. A year ago, everything revolved around bread, but in 2021 it was not included in the most sought-after recipes, nor was the dough drawn, previously the biggest hit. How did you cook last year? We were not surprised how much you enjoyed looking for berry syrup, whose readability traditionally jumps in the warmer months. You have also fried donuts with passion, but otherwise you are interested in very simple and basic dishes: ajmoht, breakfast eggs and apple cake. Here are the top seven.

Chicken or ajmoht stew: home-made flavor from ancient times

Think about which dish in a spoon, which is indispensable on the table, when we want comfort and remembrance of old times, comes to mind? Many people remembered the boil now, right?

Great eggs for breakfast, prepared in a way you probably do not know yet

We did not think there was any other recipe for eggs that we had not tried. This surprised us!

A really expressive apple cake that you will bake over and over again

Every day carries more winter smells as well as apples and cinnamon. This funny simple apple pie will create the right atmosphere and will most likely follow you.

A new recipe for crispy potatoes that everyone adores

We roast the potatoes again, but this time we will tempt them a little differently. In a way that is thrilling more and more culinary enthusiasts these days.

Boiled sauerkraut

This familiar winter dish is prepared a little differently from all; we offer it with sliced ​​potatoes and roast.

Crispy roasted zucchini sticks that do not multiply

A few ingredients, just a few minutes of work, the rest is done by the oven. This cheap pumpkin dish delights us with its excellent taste, which we achieve almost effortlessly.

Our best recipe for pumpkin soup

The key is in the fillings, choosing the right pumpkin and preparing it (bake it in the oven first).

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