The latest banana pancake recipe that will impress you

Many nutritionists recommend eating bananas for breakfast. But it is not necessary to mix them into a delicious smoothie or eat them raw. In Tiktok we came across a very tasty idea that will impress all those who love sweet breakfasts. If you are among the fans of pancakes, so much the better!

This time we will prepare bananas in pancake batter. This week we made a very simple ice cream from them, and if you have any left, we recommend you enjoy yourself with them for the first meal of the day.

The recipe for a delicious breakfast is extremely simple. First, let’s treat the pancake batter as usual. Everyone mixes the pancakes in their own way and today’s recipe is actually just a little trick that brightens up this dessert a bit. That is, we would soak the sliced ​​bananas in bulk and thus get mini banana pancakes.

In a video that has been collected online, this sweet breakfast is prepared in different ways. The simplest of these is to cut this fruit into rings, then toss them on a fork and dip them in the pancake batter and place them in a preheated pan. The latter, of course, is first smeared with butter.

Bake the small pancakes for as long as usual. The banana in them will soften during this time and become a little sweeter. The baked ones are then served with any filling like melted chocolate, maple syrup or peanut butter.

Instead of bananas you can use any other fruit. Apples, for example. For any occasion, we are attaching to you a wonderful recipe for pancake batter. Good morning and good run!

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