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Cooking blogs have also become a thing in Slovenia. In case you are cooking a lot, you have probably heard of one of the ones listed below. However, if you do not cook much, we guarantee that you will get cooking fever by looking at the photos below. You can find inspiration and ideas for cooking blogs sweet teeth, omnivores and of course also for metabolites, vegetarians and vegans.

220 degrees steep

This is the most popular Slovenian cooking blog, authored by Urška Fartelj. The blog is unique because Urška requires more time for photos, which show all the procedures for preparing a dish. On the 220 degree tilt website you can find many different recipes – cakes, salads, bread, milk dishes, drinks, sauces, fermented foods, gluten free foods and much more. He gives extra tips and tricks for each recipe.

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• NEW RECIPE: Chicken turnover with tzatziki sauce and pita bread • This year Greece for the leftovers of May 1st. But we can have a Greek picnic. ? What do you say? Yesterday finally the temperatures were a little over twenty. The kids cheered for the picnic, but I got bored for Greece Day. Then we all relaxed a bit and made ourselves a Greek version of the picnic. Lets say. How do you surrender to a picnic? :)) Chicken turnover with tzatziki sauce and pita bread. Sounds exotic, but it’s very simple. The sauce is made for five minutes, chicken or. I bought chicken lamb from AVE Panvit. However, if prepared from “domestic” chicken Prekmurje, which was fed Slovenian grain. And it really does have a full flavor, all the exotic spices have already been added, so we just fry it. All we have to do either. requires a little more work are pie breads. And I roasted the asparagus. They do not go exactly to the day of the Greeks, but I adore them and they even grew up in Prekmurje or. Land of Panvita. Anyway, they ended up in the same basket then. The recipe is already waiting for you on the blog. ps? On May 1, Ave Panvita is preparing a picnic for all picnics >> Throughout the picnic of all picnics there will be the fate of all picnics, where picnics will be able to participate in the afternoon and compete for nice prizes with photos and videos of their picnics at home. ? I have already given you 3 great picnic ideas in the last 3 weeks. Another is waiting for you next week, and then we will have a picnic. Are you next? #piknikvsehpiknikov #avegrill @avepanvita #gyros #pitabread #pitakruh # 220stopinjposevno #instafood #foodblogger #realfood #tzatziki

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An alcoholic

Nataša started her blog when she adjusted her relationship with food and devoted herself to a flexible way of eating. IIFYM (If it fits your macros). He searches for ideas for recipes mainly through Pintarest and foreign cooking blogs, where he finds a recipe and then reworks it himself. On her blog you will find recipes for cakes, main dishes, snacks and side dishes and sauces. Many recipes also have LCHF (low carbohydrate – high fat), which means that the dishes do not contain flour and sugar.

Jernej Kitchen

The authors of the blog are Maja Zver, designer and Jernej Zver, informant. Together, they combined the idea of ​​developing a website. You get ideas for recipes from travel and everyday life, so all the recipes on the blog are copyrighted and contain various tips. Also on their blog you will find recipes for appetizers, bread, drinks, cakes, sauces, salads, sandwiches, soups etc.

Tuned kitchen

Zulejka Javeršek started her blog after setting herself the challenge of photographing food. Her recipes are vegetarian with a touch of traditional Slovenian cuisine. In her blog, the author focuses on main dishes, sweets and also vegan cuisine. The tuned kitchen is the right choice if you want to eat healthier.

Dear kitchen

This is a vegan blog where you can find recipes for vegan cakes, soups, salads, main dishes, side dishes and drinks. The authors are Anja Tomlje and Sandra Kert, who are inspired in everyday life and then turn it into their vegan recipes. The purpose of their blog is to prove that recipes made only from herbal ingredients can also be used for holidays and family lunches.

What culinary blogs do you follow?

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