That is why it is not recommended to eat poultry on New Year’s Eve

Last year has not been easier for many people and we all want the new era to bring more enjoyable energy. With the hope that 2022 will be better, we look forward to the arrival of 365 new days. We do not know what awaits us, but as the old devils say, we ourselves have influence in the future. Happiness is supposed to be called or left even with the dishes placed on the table on New Year’s night. Which can be best avoided in these times?


An old tradition says that it is not recommended to eat dishes containing poultry on the last day of the year. Sister Vendelina’s author’s book says animals take luck out of the house on New Year’s Eve. It is supposed to fly in their arms.


Although lobster often appears on the table on special occasions, do not enjoy New Year’s Eve. It swims back in the water, so if you prepare it on the last day of the year, it should take you past to the new period. So if you want progress, you better avoid it.

Do not finish the dish

The accident is learned to have been caused by a completely empty plate at the end of the change of years. An old tradition dictates that at the last dinner of the year we leave a few bites, as this will bring abundance in the coming period.

Some dishes and snacks bring luck

However, it is better to focus on the dishes that, according to tradition, bring happiness to our home. Every culture has its own customs, for example, Spaniards eat 12 bunches on New Year’s night, one for each happy month. In Slovenia, pork is considered lucky, and round desserts are supposed to bring wealth. Sarma is also said to promise abundance, as cabbage leaves represent banknotes. It is also desirable to eat a lens that is supposed to be in the shape of a coin.

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