Steak from Ljubljana

Every Saturday we publish on our website the recipe of our former colleague Ivan Fischer. This is not a novelty, but an electronic reprint of the kitchen corner, published by Primorski dnevnik from late spring 2007 to autumn 2011. Both the originality of the recipes and the thoughts that accompany their publication remain fully relevant and informative, and online publication. at the same time it enables their fast transfer to electronic archive or home cooking paper.

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Steak from Ljubljana

Residents of Trieste and Gorizia have always enjoyed visiting Slovenian guesthouses across the former border, but now that the latter is no more, this is even more true.

One of the most popular dishes we order on the other side of the border is the Ljubljana steak, which our fellow Italian-speakers briefly call a little “ljubianka” or more simply “lubianska” (perhaps cotoletta or stecca), and with this name comes out even to us abroad.

It is interesting that the steaks prepared in this way appear in many kitchens, only to change the name. In Switzerland we will find the “Swiss steak”, in Italy the Bologna steak, in Serbia the “Karagjorđe steak”, which is similar in strength to all the previous ones, based on the chicken, turkey steak, pork or beef stuffed with cheese and bacon. and with bread.

Serbs, on the other hand, fill their “steak”, otherwise the beef, only with cheese, and wrap it like pancakes. I even found a Ljubljana burger somewhere: instead of a whole steak, it was a bigger burger stuffed with cheese and bacon, folded and fried in oil. And I assure you, it was not bad at all.

For a real steak from Ljubljana we need:

four larger beef or pork steaks in which the butcher should create a more or less deep pocket

4 slices of bacon

4 slices of each cheese

2 eggs


minced bread


seed oil

We fill the steaks prepared by the butcher with cheese and bacon, we close the opening with a toothpick, we roll the meat first in flour, then in scrambled eggs, to which we have added a little salt and then in bread crumbs. Heat a pan, pour oil into it, let it heat up and fry the steaks in it until they take on a golden yellow color on both sides. As mentioned, meat can be beef, pork, chicken or even turkey.

Cordon bought is exactly the same, but for him, if we follow the original recipe, we use only chicken breast meat.

Bologna steak is slightly different: the ingredients are similar, except that all the steaks are fried (flour, eggs, bread crumbs) like the Viennese steak, when the meat is fried, a slice of raw bacon and very thin slices of parmesan are placed . in it. Cover the pan, add a tablespoon of strong broth if necessary and let the cheese melt and make a nice crust. Garnish with a tablespoon of tomato sauce and a sprig of parsley.

We make a Swiss steak like steak from Ljubljana, but we do not wrap it with bread, but only in flour and scrambled eggs.

Whatever we have prepared these steaks, we drain them on kitchen paper and serve them with some prepared potatoes and fresh salad.

Enjoy your meal!

Ivan Fischer


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