(RECIPE) Hortobagy Pancakes

Hortobagy Pancakes are named after the Hortobagy National Park, which is located in the eastern part of Hungary and is also inscribed on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

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We need:

12 pancakes

75 dag goulash beef

0.5 dl sour cream

2 sprigs of flour plus 5 dl sour cream

Prepare a dough from 24 dag of flour, two eggs, two deciliters of milk and a little salt and bake pancakes. From 75 dag of beef, 30 dag of onion, ground red pepper, a little tomato and minced pepper and other spices (salt, pepper, garlic) prepare the goulash by first frying the onion in fat so that it does not turn too yellow; then add the ground paprika and the diced meat, stir and fry until the meat is well browned. Then add salt, tomatoes and peppers and other spices, add a little water and simmer in a covered pan over medium heat until the meat is tender. Stir occasionally and add a little water if necessary.

Then, the meat is extracted from the sauce and …


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