quick lunches from the pan or from the grill

Do you know that chevapçi can be made even? Start the week with this quick and delicious lunch, and tomorrow enrich your dandelion salad with grilled cheese … They are not skewers, they are not kebabs, they are both and more – what is this? You will learn on Wednesday. Towards the end of the week, treat yourself to a plate of potatoes from a pan and finish with crumbly multicolored skewers.

Monday: Čevapčiči as if in a quick sauce

Useful as an idea for quick mowers during the week or when a picnic drives away the rain. A recipe that will most likely remain part of your iron repertoire forever as your favorite abbreviation for this dish.

Tuesday: Dandelion salad with grilled cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds

You can replace half of the dandelion with chicory. For a bolder version, add boiled potatoes and a tablespoon of melted crackers.

Wednesday: Homemade “Çevapçiçi” with extra mustard

They are not skewers, they are not kebabs, they are both and more. Next to it is this delicious potato salad.

Thursday: From a pan: baked potatoes in tomato sauce

Can we create an interesting and multi-layered dish in a pot filled mostly with potatoes, which will only need a good salad bowl and will be a great meal on the table.

Friday: Hell chicken with vegetable wok

Chicken stuck in wooden sticks is very convenient to use in any other way. We do not have to deal with cutting meat, and this is often already marinated.

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Cover photo: Sonja Ravbar

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