juicy fillets and steak Natur Premium

Prepare a quick, easy and delicious meal with juicy and spicy fillets and steak Perutnina Ptuj with new Fit, BBQ and Texas flavors. All three products are part of the Natur Premium line, whose trademark is Poultry Breeding Friendly (PPR). A novelty in the market is also the packaging technology used, which enables even greater protection of the product and longer life.

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Mini chicken fillet, spice with a delicious marinade “Fit” is a great choice for a quick, easy and healthy meal.

When preparing a dish, you can enjoy your creativity, or you can try it Natur Premium Fit juicy fillet salad recipe. You need:

– Fillet with juice “Fit”,

– lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, rockets, capers, fresh basil and zucchini

– oil, wine vinegar and salt on top.

In a bowl mix the salad, the cherry tomatoes grated in four parts, the sliced ​​cucumbers, the racket and a little capers. Cut the squash into cubes and fry them in olive oil and finally add some fresh basil. Add them to the rest of the vegetables. Cut the fillets and fry them in a pan, just be careful not to dry them too much. Sprinkle the salad with oil, vinegar and salt and serve with bread.

Enjoy your meal!

Try the recipe for a natur Premium Texas juicy fillet tortilla or create your own dishes

For lovers of full and slightly spicy flavors, they are available juicy marinated fillets in sauce »Texas“, Whose main components are black pepper and red pepper. In addition to Texas-flavored juicy fillets, you also need:

– zucchini, carrots, peppers, eggplant

– tortilla.

Cut the meat into pieces and fry in olive oil in a wok. When the meat starts to burn, add the minced vegetables. Cook it until the end, taking care not to overcook the meat (cut a piece of meat and when it is no longer pink, cook it). Fry a tortilla in a pan, which you then fill with meat and vegetables. Add sliced ​​cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and top with the sauce made from Greek yogurt, to which add a little garlic and fresh dill.

Let it go!

No need to give up the taste of Barbecue with the end of summer

Liquid chicken steak (without bones and skin) seasoned with BBQ marinade brings summer flavor even on a rainy autumn day. It is ideal for preparing burgers. When preparing, you can let your imagination run wild or try the following recipe burger with juicy steak Natur Premium BBQ.

– Cut the red onion into rings and fry in olive oil. Add the sugar and leave on the fire until caramelized.

– You fry a liquid BBQ steak in a pan. Optionally, you can add a slice of cheese to the steak just before it is cooked and cover with a lid to melt the cheese.

– Heat the burger cake in the oven and cut it in half. And make a burger by spreading bbq sauce on the bottom of the bomb, place the onion and steak, add the rocket and lettuce, a slice of cucumber and cherry tomato and cover with the top of the bomb.

Enjoy your meal!


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