if we use this method they will be ready in 3 minutes (VIDEO)

Do you believe you can prepare chicken breast in just three minutes? Sounds pretty stunning. Especially since we know we have to be extremely careful in this case. This white meat should always be roasted or cooked enough, but the “rare” and “medium” options are not discussed. However, we want the steak to remain soft and not woody during heat treatment.

We will achieve all of the above in two or three minutes. If we add three simple steps we have to do before the rum fillet in the pan, we will need that much time again. How, you still ask?

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The main thing is how we cut the fillet

The trick is in preparation. We cut the chicken breast in half lengthwise and stretch it out like a newspaper described in another way, we get a kind of butterfly. The meat is then beaten with a hammer or roller to make it thin enough. Baking paper can help. For an easier show, we attach a video below.

The spices follow, but we can only use salt and white pepper. If we have more diverse scents on hand, we can experiment a bit. Marko Canora, who developed a recipe for The Splendid Table that was later adopted by the crowd, for example, suggests a combination of cumin, turmeric, onion powder and coriander. For an even more exotic version, you can make a layer with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger powder and maple syrup. Garlic powder and a mix of Provencal spices will also be great.

One more thing: chicken breasts prepared in this way are the basis for meat rolls or so-called poultry.

Then heat the pan and fry the chicken on each side until it turns golden brown. The whole process will be completed in just three minutes, which is good news for the hot days to come. Who wants to stay near the stove for a long time when the sun is shining outside?

And another tip for a great side dish. In the oven, caramelize the cherry tomatoes, which we mix with olive oil, pepper and salt, before baking. Once it is ripe, add some fresh grated mint leaves and burra. Can you imagine a simpler and easier summer lunch?

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