If we make turkey steaks this way, they will be incredibly soft

Preparation: 45 minutes; bake: 10 minutes.

Turkey steaks

For the marinade

  • 250 gr sour milk (or yogurt)
  • peel half an eco lemon
  • whole lemon juice
  • teaspoon salt
  • pepper
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil

And more

  • larger onions
  • largest fennel (with leaves)
  • 200 g shiitake mushrooms (or samples)
  • 500 gr turkey breast
  • a little oil for baking


1. Put all the marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix.

2. Cut the meat into steaks about half a centimeter thick, if necessary cook them to make them bigger. Dip the steaks in the marinade, taking care to be overfilled. Cover the dish with a lid or plate, foil and leave at room temperature for half an hour.

3. Cut the onion and dill in half, then cut each half into slices. Thick and almost woody fennel stalk discarded, leaves preserved. Cut the sponges into larger slices.

4. In a frying pan with a little oil, quickly fry the onion, then the dill, finally add the mushrooms and bake or fry for a minute. Add salt and place on a plate.

5. In the same pan then bake the steaks. We will most likely do this in two series. Make sure to fry on one side, then after two minutes turn the steak and bake for a maximum of two more minutes on the other side. Transfer to a serving plate.

6. When all the meat is cooked, turn the fried vegetables in the pan, pour the rest of the marinade over everything and rinse the pan with water, then add to the pan to dilute the sauce a bit. Bring to the boil and pour the sauce over the steaks.

Garnish with fennel leaves and soon serve with gnocchi, boiled rice, potatoes, definitely with a soft, fluffy side dish.

Variation: Bake the chicken breast steaks in the same way.

Photo: Kristof Koman

Mojca Koman

Daily cooking is a professional challenge for me because food is the source of the nutrients with which we build health. This group of vitamins, minerals, proteins … but of course it comes down more easily if packaged in a delicious, aromatic and beautiful dish that is prepared quickly. I am definitely always happy to prepare such a meal that I am happy with it as a dietitian and as a mother. And it is clear that nothing is left of him.

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