Exclusive products based on the recipes of Michelin chefs are now available at Spar

Are you also looking forward to preparing holiday dishes? You can enrich your creations and include exclusive SPAR PREMIUM products in your kitchen creation, under which three Michelin chefs have signed: Uroš Štefelin, Gregor Vračko and Uroš Fakuč.

Chefs Uroš Štefelin, Gregor Vračko and Uroš Fakuč have been working closely with Spar’s development department and numerous Slovenian suppliers since this spring. That’s how it was done sixteen exclusive SPAR PREMIUM products. Meet them below and at the end we will also reveal to you what kindness SPAR PREMIUM company SPAR has pleased the medical staff in the visible wards of seven hospitals across Slovenia.

Chef Gregor Vračko began his culinary journey in local cuisine and continued his professional career in world-renowned restaurants. He has created for you SPAR PREMIUM sprays, which will lead your tastes to a real gourmet experience. You will be impressed by the creamy sprinkling of Lashko beans, but you will also try the unique taste of the aromatic pumpkin soup. Are you a goose lover? Then you will like the spread of Krškopolje pork. The chef suggests trying the dyes on a piece of home-made bread, with crackers or bread crumbs, and you can even fill them with half of a boiled egg.

All products of chef Vraček, including chicken stock SPAR PREMIUM, can be found here.

Chief Uroš Štefelin pulled Gorenjska from his roots while designing recipes and prepared SPAR PREMIUM rutruklji. He created three versions: lajtruklji with dried pears, štruklji with tarragon and dried pears and štruklji with prunes. Do you know how to prepare them?

In a pan with butter, place the cold slices of the casserole and heat them over medium heat and “bake” them so that they become crispy on both sides. Then place the rutruklji on a plate, add a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to the pan and sprinkle the resulting sauce over the rutruklji. This way you will prepare a simple but extremely tasty meal.

Meet other products from Chef Štefelin and Click here.

Uroš Fakuç’s kitchen leftovers will now last no longer than the nearest Spar, as he has prepared ravioli for the SPAR, for which he sought inspiration in his hometowns bordering Italy. He created two versions of ravioli from SPAR PREMIUM rice dough: ravioli with old Tolminec cheese and ravioli with truffles. The ravioli is cooked in just four minutes and the dish has enough flavor to make it shine with just a simple sauce. For more flavor, you can also add a piece of roasted meat, chicken or roast to the ravioli.

You can find all the products of chef Fakuč here, but we also believe that the chef has taken care of the sweet end of your gourmet collection. He prepared the hazelnut-cappuccino cake of the SPAR PREMIUM chief, with which the SPAR company also delighted the healthcare workers in the visible wards of seven hospitals across Slovenia.

SPAR Slovenija decided to present gifts to healthcare professionals in prominent departments at seven Slovenian hospitals: UKC Ljubljana and UKC Maribor, and general hospitals in Jesenice, Novo mesto, Celje, Murska Sobota and Izola. They donated a total of 70 chef cakes, created according to the recipe of chef Fakuç, prepared by hand by the masters of SPAR Bakery.

You can also try the boss cake and other exclusive products and create an unforgettable festive atmosphere behind the house table. Ideas for preparing high quality dishes find here.

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