Do you like McNuggets? McDonald’s new discovery will throw you in the ass (we did not expect this!) – Just for you

McDonald’s fans were really confused when they discovered that their favorite chicken medals were not created by chance. They exist in only four forms.

The next time you enjoy them, take a moment to study them before giving them a taste.

The shapes that are available and can be found in your portion are a ball, a bell, a bone (also called a butterfly) and a boot.

According to McDonald’s Canadian, these shapes were chosen to create the “perfect balance between diving ability and fun.” The company explained that their chicken medals are uniquely created for kids and kids at heart.

So how are Mcnuggets made?

The video, made by McDonald’s Canadian, reveals that all shapes are similar in size, as it ensures consistent cooking time, which contributes to food safety in their restaurants.

At first it is shaped into pieces – cut with a cookie cutter. In the next step, they are dipped in two layers of dough and then sent to the frying pan where they are only partially fried.

Such partially prepared medallions are lifted and packaged to be sent to McDonald’s restaurants, where they are completely fried before serving.

Following the revelation of the nuggets preparation, a heated debate took place on social media. Most participants were unaware of the four distinct forms of medallions. Of course, they noticed that they were different shapes, but they were not aware that they were intentionally designed and that each shape was even labeled!

However, now that we’ve shocked you with a new discovery, quickly jump in for your McNuggets package and let us know what your favorite shape is. Have a nice day! 🙂

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