Crunchy snacks for any #video occasion

How many times have you faced the dilemma of what to serve to the guests who come to visit? Instead of the classic chills with French salad and white bread, we suggest light snacks that will give a sparkling flavor to your holiday kitchen. Have you ever heard of chicken lollipop?


Chicken wings
Black and green olives
Dried tomatoes
Wholemeal or French bread


Chop the sun-dried tomatoes and some olives and mix. Fold the wings in half and pull the meat to the bottom of the bone so that it takes the shape of a lollipop. Heat the oil in a pan, add the chicken cakes and then a little whole olives and a little rosemary. Heat the honey a little and mix it with water. This helps the dishes during baking. Bake until done. Cut the bread into small pieces, add the minced olives and dried tomatoes. Place on a plate, add cakes and baked olives.

Chicken poultry are always a good choice for tapas.

Chicken poultry are always a good choice for tapas.

Tapas for all tastes

Tapas are mini-snacks in Spanish style. They satisfy a little hunger and above all are a great addition to a variety of holidays. They can be served on regular trays or plates. The best thing about this is that you eat them with one or two bites – so the dishes fall off!

When assembling your own homemade tapas, you can breathe, but most of all, when preparing, you can fully adapt to the wishes of your guests – meat, vegetables, seafood, hot, sweet ësitë The options are real big.

One of the most popular choices of home-made tapas is definitely chicken. In the video recipe we have prepared an idea for chicken winged tapas, but you can use any piece of chicken.

The king of tapas is taquitos, so they are a mandatory part of your tapas holiday offer. Preparation is quite simple.



500 gr chicken breast
8 tortillas
Powdered paprika


Arrange the chicken breasts with salt and spices and cut them into strips. Cut the tortillas into quarters in order to get beautiful triangles. Wrap a chicken ribbon around each tortilla by placing it on the widest part of the triangle and wrapping it. You hit a toothpick in the middle of your scroll.

Fry your tacos in hot oil for about four minutes to get a nice golden color.

Serve with various sauces and fresh salads.

To make your cooking even more delicious: choose Prekmurje chicken

Both in the preparation of special meals, gala dinners and in everyday cooking, it is very important to pay a little more attention to the careful selection of ingredients. This means checking key information on food packaging, checking ingredients, origin and whether the product has any verified certification.

What matters is what we eat and with what products we enrich our daily diet. When buying chicken, there is no dilemma: Prekmurje AVE chicken is the right choice, as it is the only chicken in Slovenia that feeds on locally produced foods without GMOs. Why is this important? It is because of the excellent food that it boasts of full flavor and exceptional liquidity. Quality food has a positive effect on the growth and development of chicken, so eating such meat is more enjoyable. Inadequate food of poorer quality can add to the chicken’s unpleasant taste.


Chicken Ave does not come into contact with genetically modified soybeans or cereals at any time – neither during transport nor during storage.

The GMO-free certificate is issued by the Independent Institute for Control and Certification of the University of Maribor.


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