Are you always in a hurry in the morning? TOLE is a recipe for a delicious, healthy and quick breakfast! – Get in shape

Want to incorporate healthier foods into your daily routine for a long time, but your good intentions are always overshadowed by some unexpected event? booman alarm clock that you turn down many times in the morning, boomlots of daily chores, boomvery little time!

Here is Boom Box totally oatmealwhich helps you easily find the path to the healthy changes you have long wanted with small and fairly simple steps through a balanced oat-based diet.

Our oatmeal granola, porridge, drinks and biscuits have a full flavor, though they have absolutely no added sugar. Nor artificial flavors. They are cracked from oats, are rich in fiber and suitable for vegans, as they are 100% based on plant ingredients.

Our goal is to prove to you that even a meal without added sugar can be really tasty. And if it is not entirely oatmeal, we do not know what it is.

We all want to be healthy and happy, and the Boom Box is here to help you with that goal even when you have no time – every day. Quickly prepared, practical and healthy foods can accompany you anywhere. In the morning, when with one hand fill the bag and with the other cover a spoonful of finely creamy porridge; noon when there is no time for a long lunch and place a trail of delicious granola on your table; afternoon, when you feel in the car that you urgently need something sweet and empty your bag in an instant – healthy! – oatmeal cookies, or in the evening when you need a glass of flavored creamy drink.


Are healthy meals really boring, expensive and complicated to prepare? Certainly not. To create a different story of a balanced diet, we invited nutritionists who were happy to share their knowledge to help you improve your daily diet. Our nutritionists have placed the main star in the Boom Box – oats.

And why oats?

Because it contains beta glucan, minerals and fiber, it is included in all diets and is beneficial for digestion. We have included everything you need in our products, they are suitable for both adults and children, and the best part is that they combine and complement each other perfectly.

You should not give up the taste, completely change your lifestyle or sacrifice a large amount of time to eat healthy. If you want to make good changes, small, simple steps are enough. When BoomBox becomes your daily companion, “health” gets great taste and an attractive smell.


Try the thin oats that will satisfy you with four different flavors. Pamper yourself with a combination of bananas, chocolate and hazelnuts, apples and cinnamon, forest fruits and almonds, strawberries and chia seeds. But when chocolate, banana and hazelnut and oat herbal drinks meet, you do not even need added sugar and added artificial flavor.

Oat Boom Box fits perfectly into any of your schedules, as it is quite easy to prepare. Along with our oatmeal drinks, it offers a boombastic introduction to the day and recharges the batteries in the morning or offers a healthy snack. We had both cases in mind: to start the day, we packed the porridge into a large 300 gram pastel pack that will be waiting for you in the home kitchen cupboard and you can get a convenient 60 gram pack at work. or spruce, which goes in any backpack or purse and suffices only for a delicious meal. Mmmm, how beautiful it is when you catch life and porridge with a big spoon!


Warm to cool, cool to cool – it’s always a good time for oats. Enjoy the true harmony of oats and create delicious combinations with other BoomBox products as well. In coffee, porridge, cakes, with granules or completely without everything in your favorite glass and your most beautiful cup.

Our oatmeal drinks are made from 100% plant-based. We left the cows completely alone and turned off the Milky Way on the first shelf of your fridge. Choose your favorite flavor: hazelnut, almond, exotic classic coconut or oatmeal with the addition of calcium and get ready for love from the first sip.


Do you ever get hungry or crave sweets in the middle of the day? That is why we have created your new ally in the form of delicious cookies that find room in school bags, elegant bags and business suitcases. Oatmeal cookies quench the hunger of wolves and meet the need for a healthy and quality snack, even when you really do not have time for it. Packed in not only convenient but also beautiful pastel packaging, your friends will love one too – but we’m sure there will not be just one left. So the tastes? Lick your fingers! Cranberry, cocoa, coconut or simple oatmeal cookies are full of fiber and created for delicious taste! Next time, when you’re done with sugar, sit down and stop craving sugary foods.


Familiarize yourself with oat granola, which, enriched with selected additives, ensures positive energy uptake and a perfect flavor experience. Granola can be found on your menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner: it is a wonderful tasty snack that you can enjoy in your own bowl or with the addition of Boom Box drinks. Your tastes will be delighted by the boombastic combinations: exotic coconut and fresh forest fruits, selected blends of almonds and chocolate, as well as nuts boasting hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and American pecans. Granola is also available in two practical packages for all occasions – 300 g and 60 g.

You do not have to start tomorrow; The Boom Box is here today. Fast, tasty and healthy.


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