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On the first floor in a group of buildings in the center of Mengeš, very close to where people gather at the Spas Theater, is a bright and friendly corner of the kitchen. It must be admitted that the visitor relaxes and smiles at him. The light coming out of the large window surrounds the bright kitchen in a rustic style, all the accessories are in a self-made dotted style, and above all, it smells terribly beautiful and familiar with a mix of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves …

Thus home kitchens usually smell like weekends, when we have time to devote to slow cooking and cakes coming from the hot oven. your Bogdana Štepec For the last ten years he has been organizing birthdays for children and especially cooking workshops for adults and teenagers, who are taught to prepare lunch, but the youngest children have the greatest joy. Last but not least, she has been an educator in the garden and not only is it fun to work with dwarves, but she also knows them.

Today there are many culinary studios, but ten years ago they were rare, did not care how it would go? “I am very careful and I was very worried. “Miha, I think I made the wrong decision,” I burst into tears in front of my husband shortly before we started. He was more determined: everything was done, we bet, he said, and later he helped me all the time with graphic equipment and design techniques, which are also very necessary in this job. I needed a challenge, I worked as a kindergarten teacher, when the first son was born, I stayed home. Then another guy came, but when another one went to school, I told myself enough. I worked all the time and at the same time I had the feeling that I was doing nothing. We opened the studio, I first consoled myself that we would at least get the new kitchen we needed at home if it didn’t work. Then came the baby’s first birthday and everything was forgotten. Zhanov. “He is now fifteen years old and he sends me messages about what he has cooked,” Bogdana laughs.

Bogdana Štepec with the youngest culinary enthusiasts


The funniest and most entertaining workshop in Lonček is a pajama breakfast, destined for the little ones: on Saturday morning they come in pajamas and slippers and prepare their breakfast, all enthusiasts. Unbelievable: even from Tolmin they have already arrived for workshops. This was also the basis for the book, in fact a collection of family cookbooks, which is devoted to a rather overlooked topic: breakfast. In fact, not only is it not overlooked in our country, but also in international libraries we find some manuals that would advise us on how to prepare the first meal of the day in a pleasant, meaningful and good way. On the one hand there are no daily books and on the other hand, the foundation gathered around the good chefs who once worked in the famous el Bulli, has prepared a giant and so professional monograph to adapt to the scientific literature.

But science is not something that people would be happy to do at a young age. There are no demanding recipes in breakfast pajamas, but there are many that even experienced chefs will see for the first time and be amazed – as we were with the idea of ​​buckwheat porridge, which is prepared as an imperial roast and with Rings apple peels, which look like very intricate braids, and last but not least, next to the eggs – these are the base of every breakfast – to which we add the triangular vinegar (the recipe awaits you a little below).

In ten years many ideas have been collected, in this book they are divided into chapters representing the iron repertoire of breakfasts that we have time to prepare, but we also have time we can take to enjoy them. There are breakfasts on the spoon, but eggs in all shapes, pancakes, breads and toppings – yes, even the one we all remember from the garden is here – the sandwiches are not forgotten, the drinks and cakes that make us feel early, that we are stuck. pak. Admittedly: this is a loving and very family chef. During the week, rich and varied breakfasts are hard to wait, many people rush to work and usually admit that their breakfast is coffee. On weekends, it is a wonderful start to the day, the first family reunion, the moment when the same mix of scents that surrounded us during our visit to this studio is placed at home.


The recipe is for one person and is an important new addition to the egg dish chapter, but they are not lacking in any breakfast and we are always interested.

  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • butter for baking
  • 1-2 soluble triangular vinegar


1. In a small bowl, beat the eggs with the salt and pepper.

2. Melt a piece of butter in a pan on low heat, grind the vinegar and let it digest a little.

3. Add more scrambled eggs and cook gently over low heat. During baking, mix the contents several times with a spatula, gently grasping and turning.

4. When slightly crushed, serve immediately, as the egg mixture should remain soft and juicy.

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Photos by Mateja J. Potočnik from the book Breakfast in Pajamas

Karina Cunder Reščič

In love with soups, banquets, beautifully laid tables, wild foods, she experiments with recipes just before the guests arrive and gives lessons to the two children on how food is one of the ways in which respect and dignity can be expressed.

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