A trick for fluffy scrambled eggs, the kind Dolly Parton likes to do

Eggs can be described as a kind of culinary basement, as we find them in many recipes, and they also support at least three corners of most of our breakfasts. Nor is there anything different Dolly Parton. You know the country singer for sure: the American music and film icon has reigned on the stage for almost 70 years, and despite his world fame, he still faces new challenges and new business projects every day. (Perhaps the secret of all her success is her favorite invigorating breakfast!)

Recently, for example, she even launched her own line of kitchen products, which was immediately sold in stores. Dolly is also known as an excellent cook and her love for cooking, she says, comes from her family. “I grew up in the south with my mother, who is the best cook in the world, and my aunts and grandmothers were also great in the kitchen,” she once told Today.

Talented singer and actress in the kitchen

Parton is best known among her loved ones for her excellent potato salad with mayonnaise and extraordinary chicken preparation. Her culinary skills are also valued in Hollywood, as the singer and actress often come to film along with a large pot in which she prepares thorns and peta for the entire film crew. Well, her specialty is also the excellent fluffy eggs, which she likes to make in the morning for her husband, with whom she has been happily married for more than half a century.

Does not add any special ingredients in the morning. The secret of fluffy but at the same time creamy texture is neither cream nor milk. However, he never forgets a simple trick that, as he says, makes the eggs divine. The secret lies in the addition of a spoonful of cold water. It may seem strange to you, but in reality there is a pretty logical explanation behind the addition of liquid. Water bubbles when it comes in contact with the hot pan and emits steam, which makes the eggs extremely airy.

The next time you are going to prepare the eggs, so as soon as you put them in the pan, add another tablespoon of cold water. “Start with one and add a little more if needed. “If you add too much, you will turn the eggs into a liquid mess,” Dolly warns.

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