A step that will make the chicken just that way

These days, tiktok is very diverse on social networks, so we want to share with you this video, which within a few days has reached almost 40 thousand distributions and one million likes. He published it Mohammad Jasina chef from Chicago, and his trick quickly circulated the world and the web.

@ m_yasin24 Wow a whole year has passed 🙏🏼 thank you all! #viral #washyourchicken #dontwashyourchicken #fyp #easyrecipes #humbled ♬ original sound – Valentina Trovato

Breasts are usually cooked without skin, but when we choose whole, chicken, chicken or thigh, we usually want it to be as crunchy as possible. We wanted to achieve the result in many ways, but Yasin’s trick has not come to us so far.

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Chef Tiktok suggests pouring boiling water over the chicken first, which will ensure that the elastic skin otherwise shrinks quickly. Then continue the baking process as usual. Arrange the molded chicken as desired and place in the oven.

The result will be extra crunchy thighs, chicken thighs or whole chicken. All you have to do is serve your favorite dish and enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner. Well, if you are looking for a great recipe on how to prepare chicken after pouring hot water, here are some better ideas.

Stuffed chicken according to a family recipe
A simple lunch from a pan: chicken with mustard and potatoes
Chicken or chicken with onions and carrots in red wine

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