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The delicious and light omelette is definitely the queen of breakfast. To make yours truly perfect, he is one of the most famous chefs Jamie Oliver on his instagram, he has shared a recipe for an omelette that is made in just 45 seconds and that many would agree is the best in the world.

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To begin, the master chef heated a 20-centimeter-diameter pan and poured a tablespoon of olive oil into the hot cannula. (By the way, preheating the pan provides a better result).

Before that he broke two eggs in a bowl, added a little salt and a little pepper and beat them by hand.

He poured the beaten eggs into the pan and spread them all over the bottom. After they were lightly fried on the bottom, sprinkle them with grated cheese (he chose cedar, another cheese fits).

He then removed the pan from the heat and waited for the cheese to melt completely.

With the help of a silicone spatula at the end fold the omelette several times so that the cheese remained in the middle.

You shifted the baked omelette to toast and, as it ended in the video, you made the best omelette in the world.

This is how the issue looks in practice

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