A new trick for pancakes that speeds up their baking

We have not yet met a man who would not taste freshly baked pancakes. They are adored by both children and adults and their preparation is sometimes also a reason to have fun. They can be eaten for breakfast or dinner, as well as for dessert. In short, pancakes can be described as one of the best culinary inventions of mankind.

Preparing the test is very simple. It contains the most basic ingredients that we almost always have in stock. When the milk, flour, eggs and sugar are mixed together, the mass is left to rest for a few minutes and baking can begin. Well, that may take some time if we want to make a large number of pancakes. And while throwing them back in the air can be fun, sometimes we want to speed it up a bit.

We came across an online video that does just that, making pancakes easier to bake. But we must admit that he has turned upside down all our knowledge so far. Literally. That is, he suggests baking them on the other side of the pan, thus avoiding dispersing the mass, which is otherwise the step where it gets stuck most of the time. The new way of baking dictates that we moisten the bottom of the pan mass and then place it upside down on the stove. This should make the pancakes ripen faster.

The trick is especially useful when we want to prepare a large number of pancakes. Or when we plan to fold a cake, for example. The time of this type of baking takes us less than a minute at a time. So in an hour we can bake a lot more than 60 pancakes this way. Do not believe? Try a new technique and tell us how you feel. And if in addition to the trick you also need a recipe for a large mass, we share with you our favorite below.

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