A new recipe for potatoes that promises the most crunchy crust

Potato is one of the most practical ingredients and one of the foundations of Slovenian cuisine. It goes well with soups, naras, moussaka, as a main course or side dish. Because of its diversity, we almost always have it in stock, so it’s good to have a new recipe in stock to prepare something new from it. This time it will be a version of baked potatoes that is thrilling these days on social media and promises the most crunchy crust!

How to prepare the most crunchy potatoes?

First we turn on the oven at a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius and boil on the stove a large pot of water, in which we have mixed a tablespoon of baking soda. Cut the potatoes into equal cubes and toss in the dill, where they should be cooked for 10 minutes. Meanwhile in a small pan fry a few tablespoons of oil, dried parsley and three cloves of crushed garlic.

Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and let them rest on the counter for 2 minutes. Then pour it with the garlic mass and shake well to distribute it evenly over it. We should not be lenient when tempting the vessel. Furthermore, the potatoes should be tossed roughly to accumulate a thin layer of puree on its surface. This will be the basis for a crunchy crust. It may not look the most beautiful during preparation, but it will definitely be rewarded later.

Then shake the potatoes in a pan lined with parchment paper. We distribute it evenly as we do not want the oven to be crowded. Then bake for 10 minutes on high heat in the starch. Mix everything and put in the oven for another 35 minutes. We check the potatoes from time to time, as the ovens differ from each other and it can happen that they quickly reach a perfect crunch. Trust your instincts!

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