A creamy pasta recipe with three ingredients that makes you addicted

We came across a video of a creamy pasta recipe that is raising a lot of dust these days online. But not in a bad way. Many users enthusiastically share it, as it combines the many advantages we want in the preparation of daily lunch.

The first is of course an extremely simple recipe. The other, of course, is that we only need three ingredients for it. These are fetuccina (which you can also replace with spaghetti), butter and parmesan. Connoisseurs of Italian cuisine surely already know that we are talking about alfredo pasta and the following video is definitely worth watching, it will be mastered by both beginners and those who have already encountered the recipe.

@thatdudecancook Fettuccine Alfredo is only 3 ingredients #pasta #alfredo #foodlover #learnontiktok ♬ Call on with Eric Prydz – Dayna Dolan

Also pay attention to the water in which the pasta will be cooked. Since we are dealing with few ingredients, it is essential to salt it completely as well as save some for the sauce. Will be responsible for the silky and creamy structure.

So in the recipe. First cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Then melt a cube of butter in a pan, add a glass of water with starch and later cooked fetuccine. Mix well and add half the minced parmesan cheese. Mix well again and add a little water and a little parmesan. Stir until the pasta is completely creamy. Simple, right?

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