7 prepared espresso soups for a healthy and light dinner

Vegetable soups, which do not aggravate digestion, but also hide numerous curative effects, are ideal for the evening. They soothe our stomachs and souls, satisfy hunger and encourage the body to function in a balanced way. They can be afforded with a piece of wholemeal bread and enriched with scrambled eggs and are especially recommended for those who are losing weight.

1. Soup with millions of carrots

Garden soup that always warms and soothes the stomach and evokes beautiful memories.

2. Quick spicy soup, which is a cure for colds

Warm soup is a popular remedy, if we fix it with turmeric and ginger, it will certainly help.

3. The simplest miso soup you can imagine

Extremely popular soup from Japanese cuisine, full of health and vital energy.

4. Excellent egg soup for the immune system, prepared in 10 minutes

This time we will prepare it a little differently, on the base of the chicken and then we will lay the eggs. You can also call it a kind of modern prežganka, although it is prepared differently.

5. Red lentil soup

Excellent thick soup, slightly sour from boiled red lentils.

6. Quick vegetable soup with spoon

From cheap and seasonal vegetables. Food for the soul, which they absolutely adore at home on rainy days that already wind the winter. It is also important that the soup is prepared quickly.

7. This eggplant soup with zucchini will be number one from now on

A quick pumpkin soup that has won our tastes and we bet it will be yours too.

Egg soup with zucchini

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