5 quick tiktok hits that everyone cooks

Full moon and sunny weather with summer temperatures are the factors we have considered. It will most likely draw us under a soft and brown sky and with friends. However, some of you will be overwhelmed with work responsibilities, so you will prefer to use the few minutes you have left for recreation. TikTok hits revolve primarily around pasta, potatoes and eggs, so we’ll give you a suggestion on how to treat yourself before any connection to the dish.

Monday: Squares of crispy baked potatoes with Crazy TikTok garlic

The ingredients are not really anything special, and because of the way the potatoes are cut, their texture is very crunchy after baking. That is, we cut it into squares and in them we cut a kind of grid lengthwise and transversely in which the butter-garlic mixture will be poured and the surface of the potato will be deliciously baked. Tip: Treat yourself to a bowl of leafy salad.

Tuesday: Roast slices and cherry tomato sauce

The original recipe calls for the use of spaghetti, pens or other pasta, but this time we recommend mixing gnocchi in it.

Wednesday: Eggs with pesto

With a good Greek salad bread, they will be a fantastic solution for a quick lunch.

Thursday: Baked potatoes that melt in your mouth

In addition to this really delicious version of baked potatoes, enjoy yourself with vegetable pulps, which you can also buy in the store, a piece of roasted chicken fillet and a cucumber salad.

Friday: Pasta for hot days, ready in 15 minutes

Well, this time let the spaghetti stand. Really fast food without drama.

More weekly menus can be found here.

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Mična.si: Attention! Do not pour the water in which you cooked the pasta into the drain

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