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It’s time for a fantastic asparagus soup, a carbonara with lots of vegetables, and we recommend the best Bologna sauce, lasagna, which we end with spinach sauce and fish stew, after which we are all addicted.

Monday: Best asparagus soup

Where with the asparagus wood stalks that you would otherwise throw away? In the soup with them! This is the essence of this recipe.

Tuesday: Moussaka with minced meat and spinach sauce

Musaka is a dish that is forbidden to count calories, so we breathe with the dough beaten with sour cream and plenty of freshly ground parmesan cheese. The dish is rounded out with a vibrant green sauce and soft spinach.

Wednesday: Spaghetti carbonara with vegetables

Spaghetti carbonara is a great classic, but sometimes it looks a little boring on a plate. As nature wakes up in the spring, let a bunch of spaghetti wake up! In addition to carbonara, we also squeeze unripe peas, carrots and asparagus. Thus, the creamy and rich dish gets a slightly fresher note and a nice contrast in color and texture.

Thursday: The only Bologna sauce recipe you need

We drink it for a long time and now use it in noodles and lasagna without any change. Despite the specific recipes, some elements are essential for a good Bologna sauce. These are: slow-cooked sofrito, quality meat coarsely minced by the butcher and long cooked at constant temperature, perfect for oven cooking.

Friday: Chavder: thick stew with smoked trout

It is basically a soup with smoked trout. Under this strange name hides a simple but extraordinary decoction based on milk or cream.

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