15 steaks we worship at Sunday lunches

Steaks are a mandatory part of every Sunday lunch in Slovenia. We have prepared a summary of the most clicked recipes, which include meat in sauce, chopped or stuffed versions and bread. Have a nice run, congratulations!

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Stuffed chicken fillet in Parisian style

A steak we worship at Sunday lunches. The cheese and bacon are classic and we added asparagus to the filling. High level!

Pork medallions in pepper sauce

Pork fish is great for making medallions, as it has the right shape – long and thick. We only need good meat and half an hour time.

Chicken breast in tomato sauce

Liquid chicken breast dipped in olive-flavored tomato sauce and capers. The recipe really works well with fresh tomatoes, but you can replace it with a can of canned peeled tomatoes.

Chopped steaks deliciously prepared in tomato sauce

Serve with pure boiled rice, because the liquidity and combination of these flavors neither need nor tolerate anything else.

Salisbury steaks: halves in onion sauce

Salisbury steaks are named after James Salisbury, who was a military physician and one of the first nutritionists during the American Civil War. He recommended this dish to soldiers three times a week. These steaks are also mentioned as the ancestors of hamburgers.

Beef in butter sauce with capers and lemon

We dipped the soft and thin beef steaks in the classic piccata sauce with butter with a characteristic lemon and caper flavor. Piccata on the spot!

Swiss steaks that are delicious even cold

Very good, but just ready.

Beef steak with onion

Meat in sophisticated companies.

Beef birds, a memory of old times

Gorgeous classic, old-fashioned and perfect.

Beef Saltimbocca in Roman style

An Italian specialty that, at least so the name says, is danced in the mouth.

Pork in Grandma Georgette pickle sauce

A wonderful recipe that still has a story to tell.

Pork with kohlrabi and apples

Let’s not forget this dish: it is a classic combination of autumn and winter, the flavors of which have already been used by our grandmothers.

The best Viennese chicken steak

Along with tenstan potatoes, Viennese bread is the most famous classic that invites you to the Sunday table.

Ribeye steak: medium roasted

In addition, the most desirable part of the beef we recommend mashed potatoes, parsley root and truffles. Ribeye will be baked and offered as a melter, and you even more!

Chicken in cream sauce with mushrooms from the oven

This is our old card: mushroom champion. If you are going to ask children, this is the answer to the question of what is good for them.

Chicken in cream sauce with mushrooms from the oven

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